Why Do So Many People Hate on LocoCycle?

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Usually trolls, it's honestly an ok game. Sony fanboys use whatever they can for trolling. Not realizing it's a arcade game, and yet they are paying full price for garbage like Knack.

I'll just leave these here,


Look what got the lower score. This is where you say reviews don't matter.

Him saying Knack is garbage is his opinion, just like those metacritic scores are opinions too. Don't act like there is any difference, please.

That's my point. Both games are garbage in my opinion. He is stating his opinion as fact.

He never passed it off as fact. I am sure, like me, he thinks its funny how PS4 users have no problem trashing a game they never played that got mediocre reviews, but praise Knack which didn't do much better. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. He wouldn't have said what he did if this place wasn't overrun by trolls.

Oh he absolutely did. He said, and I quote "they are paying full price for garbage like Knack."

If he were to say, "they are paying full price for what I think is garbage" or "they are paying full price for garbage like knack in my opinion" then those are totally different things.
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