Comcast will kill digital distribution on the One and PS4!

#11jonnyram4000Posted 2/12/2014 9:44:11 PM
Charter worse with there caps 250gb but at least you can switch from resident for 5 bucks more and have 60down instead of 30 and you also get unlimited.
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tonysparks posted...
Comcast has a limit of 300gb per month it will cost you extra if you go over. With the size of next gen games and updates, 300gb isn't enough. Let's not forget the folks who watch Hulu, Netflix, or any other streaming service. As a Time Warner guy I would have just blew the Comcast limit off but Comcast is about to take over Time Warner

No Comcast bandwidth cap in my city.
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My third world country-style Canadian Internet is slow as the camel delivering my daily paper, but at least I don't have a data cap. Whew.
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Comcast is the worst company of all time ... that's not named Microsoft.
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I have timewarner they dont imply a GB limit in my state so plus ive never heard of comcast are they some sort of mega cable company like TW and cox or are you just speaking for your area like i am
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I have Comcast and they suspended our cap last year. I have tge 50mpbs plan. No problems, I regularly download over 600gb a month.
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If true this sucks. Thankfully I don't have to deal with a cap since my service is all bandwidth based (internet, TV, phone, all uses the internet bandwidth).
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jim200 posted...
tonysparks posted...
jim200 posted...
I'm sure you are severely misinformed. If you want a higher limit, consider paying more for what you use more:

my current unlimited beats limited any way you slice it. No matter what package you get you have to worry about paying more if you go over. No good would come to gamers with a cap

So do you have 105Mbps and use over 600GBs a month without any speed hiccups or downtime? Because I get neither and my speed is always there and even when I download movies from their on demand (some are like 15GB) or PS4/Xbox One I still don't even reach 500GB a month.

But I do know that unlimited is better. But I doubt you get the same quality of service and same or better speed unlimited. Could be wrong.

I have Time Warner's 30 Mbps connection and routinely use 2-5 terabytes of data per month.

Good luck doing that on Comcast without getting a $500 "overage" bill.
#19jim200Posted 2/12/2014 10:59:07 PM
ZeroRaider posted...

I have Time Warner's 30 Mbps connection and routinely use 2-5 terabytes of data per month.

Good luck doing that on Comcast without getting a $500 "overage" bill.

What in the hell? 2-5TB a month? What do you do? Run a torrent site?
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Is there a difference between TWC and Oceanic TWC?

Because I don't experience this downtime or whatever you mainland folks experience.

In fact, from what people post, Comcast is ****** since these folks live where Comcast is the only ISP and they complain about lag on a Japanese MMO while I don't get any with OTWC.