PS4 almost doubles Xbox One sales in January NPD!!!

#181Ryan-06Posted 2/22/2014 7:13:01 AM
Developers know where they will go to first.

Kojima already made it clear where he's staying.
Power of da Cloud confirmed, see the chart:
Dat chocolate:,
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Strav23 posted...
People with xbox one own more games then ps4 owners and it will only get better for xbox one when titanfall is released. Ps4 might be a more powerful console but I don't feel there games match up to xbox ones.

Lol look at Sony's exclusives from last gen. Blows the pathetic 360 games out of the water. Last of us alone kills anything the 360 had. All the xbox is a shooter dude bro console with no variety in games. Now with weaker hardware and multiplats.