Oooh the ps4 outsold the xbox one, how will anybody ever live??

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TMOG posted...
I'm only here because I find it legitimately hilarious how the tune has suddenly changed completely from last month, when the Xbone sold more (to retailers) in December.

Then you're always going to find things hilarious. Some people have had the same statement but much like last gen changes happen and fanboys from both change their tune. The bottom line is you shouldn't be here if you have no interest in Xbox One. Which a lot of people come here and do nothing but troll. Some even try to be clever and pass themselves off as X1 fans when they haven't did anything but troll it.
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On the bright side my ignore list has grown immensely and the board is looking like the garbage man finally picked up the trash.
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Board? Lol. You have twice as many active messages posted than I do, you spend more time on this site than me.

Yes on the Xbox board talking about what I like. You're here talking about something you hate. Must suck to be so bored of your system that you would hang on a board you hate rather then discuss what you like. It's a very sad life for you I would think.

The same logic can be used against you. You must be so bored of your system that you need to be on here as well.
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