Titanfall playing like COD is the best thing ever. BF4 players can't handle it.

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ChA0TiCoNe posted...
Battlefield is easy mode. All you gotta do is make an engi, and you don't even need to learn how to FPS. Its more of an MMORPG than a FPS game. COD is the FPS for real pros.

Tell me why i suck at fps games and yet still manage to get a 2.0+ very easily in cods.

Because the average call of duty player is garbage.
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CoD is extreme? Haha, the game is designed to make you think you are good. That's why most cod players can't

handle the transition from cod to any shooter that takes even the slightest amount of skill. Give a cod player a gun

that has any recoil and watch the funny.
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I love how the CoD/BF/Titanfall war is on... They're all shooters, but pretty unique from one another. The fight is basically just everyone yelling their favorite food. It's personal preference, and unless you're Kim Jong Un, you can't make people agree with you.
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comparing Cod and battlefield is kind of like comparing NBA2k and NBAJAM. Both are games about the same thing warfare/basketball, but are two completely different experiences. I see Titanfall as Like the first NBA Street, it takes the crazy fast style of NBAJAM/Cod and ads finesse.
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CoD is not extreme, It's a boring camp fest of 13 year olds with recoil-less guns.
If BF is Easy mode. CoD at least has to be Kindergarten mode.

And this is coming from someone whose played A lot more CoD than BF.
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locksmithblack posted...

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