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#21skermacPosted 2/14/2014 5:29:55 PM
There could be cause for concern, investors want the new ceo to sell off the xbox division. If that happens I think Nintendo or Sony would buy it and integrate it with their systems so no worries.
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ricardoht posted...
I've recently bought the PS4 and I was planning on also buying the X1 this month. I've been a fan of the Xbox brand since the first came out and I enjoyed my 360 much more than my PS3.

However, the latest hardware sales have made me think twice before buying an X1. I'm worried third party support for the X1 might decrease with the slow sales and the slightly inferior hardware.

Does anyone honestly think or is afraid the X1 could go the way of the Dreamcast and die after a year o so? I don't wanna shell out $500 for a console that might die in a few months/years.

If you prefered the xbox 360 over ps3 then stick with the brand, thats the logical choice.

I seriously doubt third party devs would stop making games for xbox, remember publishers are greedy, as long as its profitable they will make it.
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Do not listen to the many Sony fanboys on this forum. Both consoles are doing extremely well. MS isn't going anywhere.
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No. Gosh people are being so stupid on this board. Why can't second place exist? A product selling better then one doesn't mean the end of the world to the other. Coke kills Pepsi, is Pepsi in trouble? Mcdonalds kills Wendy's, is Wendy's in trouble. Do this with every kind of product.
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ricardoht posted...
ScreamingMidget posted...
ricardoht posted...
slightly inferior hardware.

Not sure if serious.

I am being serious.

Developers will get to know the X1 better (some already said the new SKU helps a lot) and therefore create better games. I'm not saying the games will look better than on the PS4 but the difference won't be as big as many PS4 fanboys claim.

It is also not as small as Xbots like to claim.