Collector's Edition. Do you buy them?

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User Info: mcmax3000

3 years ago#21
Pulp posted...

People that buy collectors editions are the same folks that drop $500 on mobile P2W games.

I don't think there's even remotely a correlation between those two things. I've purchased a number of Collector's Editions, and the total amount I've spent on Free to Play games in my life is, I believe, less than $10.
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User Info: HeliosAscension

3 years ago#22
I bought a crap ton of them on the 360 and PS3, and I won't be doing it anymore unless I REALLY like said game. I actually just finished throwing out a bunch of CE cases and filler crap to make some space in my game room and have it less cluttered. I kept all the neat trinkets that came in the CEs and put them in the suit case that came with DI:Riptide, and left a few of the cooler pieces
out for myself to enjoy.
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User Info: adonfraz

3 years ago#23
When they go on sale. I got Arkham Origins and ACIV CEs for the price of a regular priced game.
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User Info: Captain_Khaos

3 years ago#24
Hell no. I only care about the game. Don't care about the toys or case the game comes with.

User Info: Eamon696

3 years ago#25
Mass Effect 3 is only CE I have ever bought and it was good deal. For an extra $20, you get a free $10 DLC, an art-book, additional DLC (weapons, armors, a robot dog), a cool picture, and a N7 patch. It was great.
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User Info: Ironman06

3 years ago#26
If I have the money. I had to sell my PS4 to get the Titanfall CE.

User Info: chedibang1994

3 years ago#27
"You fool! Don't you realize yet you're up against the perfect weapon?!"- Super Perfect Cell
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