So the only one thing bad about Titanfall is

#11AwayFromHerePosted 2/15/2014 8:15:13 PM
The game is running on Source. If the XBOne can't make it look great, something is wrong.
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mokmuud posted...
I've been playing most of today and find it very mediocre. Smart pistol is OP I can just run around on rooftops killing at will. Bots I feel take away from the experience. I can rodeo titans and just own them. Visually its very underwhelming but that the least important part.

I played the alpha and I've been playing the beta since Thursday night. The smart pistol is far from over powered. The thing is only good for killing grunts. It has really short range and it takes a long time to lock on to a pilot.
It makes me wonder if you actually played the game...
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Well, it's using a 10 year old engine. Basically this is Half Life with mechs and iron sights
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bots are creeps in a moba ;p
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