I can't stand the AI in Titanfall. Why not just fill positions with players?

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I have only played the game for a couple hours and I have no idea why people complain about that A.I. As I'm playing I shoot anything that has a red tag over it. Eighty percent of the time I couldn't tell you if it was A.I or another player.

Lol a online mp only game yet you have no idea or care if if you battling bots or having real pvp fight wow mind blown that's why I stick to BF4 plus I for premium until something better arrive.

More power to you. BF is horrible to me. Can you connect to play the game yet? Last I heard the game was broken.

Key word is last time you heard. Game lock up 1 time on me in the last month on PS4 that way better than getting kick out every single match like at launch.

Well, my fiance has the game and gave up on it long ago because it released so broken.

That's nice. But it doesn't have to do with the fact that people are going to pay $60 for a game that is multiplayer-only, and yet most of their kills will be against AI opponents.
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the bots ruin this game

Reads sig. Laughs. Ignores.

care to clarify buddy? because i am playing the beta, maxed settings, 60 fps.
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The only way I'd be fine with the server full of players would be to make the top 6 per team be pilots. The people who bring in the points get the rewards.
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