Upload Studio doesn't work for me anymore - Xbox Support has been USELESS

#1Shiek120Posted 2/16/2014 5:29:09 PM
Mere minutes before the system update on Friday, I was able to use Upload Studio. Generally I upload to the SkyDrive so I can share clips with my friend who has a PS4. Then the system updated, and I could no longer use Upload Studio. None of the clips I've recorded have been able to upload...they render and then sit at 50%. Xbox Support on the phone and on twitter has been back and forth with the same exact suggestions and I appreciate the ATTEMPT at help, but this is clearly not an issue of, "Please reset your router."

- My NAT is OPEN
- My internet settings are optimal
- I've had an Xbox One since Day One
- Upload Studio has worked SINCE Day One, and it was right after the update that it stopped.
- I've removed my profile, removed the software, hard reset the console, unplugged it, held the button for 10 seconds...I've done all that crap.

What else can I do?? I'm really disappointed with this console right about now...because one of the main features that I use no longer works...
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#2MuryoPosted 2/16/2014 5:33:33 PM
Summon the power of the cloud?
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Muryo posted...
Summon the power of the cloud?

I had to laugh :D