How powerful do you think these consoles are? (Answer poll before reading)

#51DesperateMonkey(Topic Creator)Posted 2/21/2014 3:07:06 PM
I own all the consoles, handhelds, a PC and gaming laptops. I am not making an argument that consoles are terrible in general. I am simply saying that a lot of people who want good graphics, overlook PCs because they think consoles are offering a better deal in this department. This is false advertising. It was true LAST generation because MS was able to sell a $1000+ computer for $300. But it is no longer true and people should not avoid PCs for the wrong reason.

This is meant to fight all the ignorance that goes around regarding PC costs and console power and it disgusts me that even professional critics are spouting such ridiculously ignorant statements. If you like consoles, great. But if you bought a console because you think you are saving money while getting better performance, than you've been fooled.
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