PS4 is quite even with Xbox One when it comes to games.

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Gevous posted...
Anyone who thinks that the x1 will have more quality exclusives this generation clearly cannot look at the past. So far, it has Halo and Titanfall coming this year (not counting sunset overdrive, that does not look that great) which are both, guess what, shooters.

The past in which the xbox dominated the indie scene that didnt count until the ps4 needed it? The past in which fanboys trashed halo but now praise bungie? The past in which the 360 had multiplatform superiority and everyone claimed that it didnt matter even though the ps3 cost more.

Personally i do like having superior versions and would get the single player games on ps4 if i had one but i wont pony up the money for a console with no exclusives when the xbox versions are still great.
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Archaic at TXB posted...
More devs are working on PS4 titles than Xbox One.

I wonder if Indie devs are included in this number. I'd expect so.

Around half stated their work is heading to the PC

As an owner of a pretty damn nice PC (i7-4770k, gtx 780 and planning on SLI for it in a month or two with maybe a 750ti for dedicated physx thrown in for fun) this pleases me.

Only 4% on Wii U is sad though. It really isn't that bad of a console. So many devs didn't even give it a proper chance.
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