I don't get this fixation of resolution...

#41Killah PriestPosted 2/25/2014 6:33:46 AM
imo its not the resolution itself but the fact that a competing product thats cheaper is doing it better.
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MilesTeg420 posted...
Image quality is important in video games.

True, but does it need to be 1080p? 720p looks good enough for me.
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I'm calling the cops.
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SegavsCapcom posted...
Is a game not enjoyable solely because of its resolution? Because that's what you people are insinuating.

No one is insinuating that. If I can play the same games though and have better graphics and for less money why wouldn't I want that?

I hardly ever play exclusives. Exclusive games make up a very small portion of the total games I play during a console cycle. So I don't base my decision on an exclusive unless it's mind blowing (mass effect did it for me last gen).
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BDJayce posted...
DeadCeIIScout posted...
Why would you pay more for less TC?

Playing good, graphically inferior games >>>>>>>> Playing stale, graphically superior games.

Yeah, that's why you buy a PS4. So you can play good, graphically superior games.

Good, graphically superior games >>>>>>>> good, graphically inferior games >>>>>>>> these magical "stale" games that PS4 seems to only have even though current libraries are almost identical, graphically superior games.
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