xbox one vs ps4

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2 years ago#21
Didn't read lol
But yes my XO is getting more playtime than my Ps4
2 years ago#22
Wait you mean the 1080p doesn't blow you away just looking at the main screen on ps4?

Anyways I love both companies also, I could only buy one right away so I looked purely at games and what controller to play with and I waited till January. I knew the graphic differences, I don't care, I knew that I would not be playing the ps4 much because of the game selection for my taste. Maybe in a year or 2 I will buy the ps4 also but there are a few more games on xbox that I would want down the road then ps4.
2 years ago#23
KhelThuzad posted...
jpraelster posted...
xacebop posted...
Good fer yewww - Randy Marsh


You forgot to change your alt to answer.


Microsoft :No paycheck for YOU!
2 years ago#24
no it doesnt blow me me away the only reason i got the ps4 was for the exclusives. i know the ps4 is superior as of now and stats show it. its 1080p means nothing if the games suck. i have tried playing my ps4 but i just cant play it maybe when infamous comes out it will get some quality playtime. to the rest of the little kids i am not a troll grow up i am not being a fanboy when i own ps3 and ps4 aswell as 360 and one.
2 years ago#25
TC, no matter what you do or say will not change the bs of fanboy trolling and complaining. This has been the case in basically the first year of every console generation since internet forums have come to light. Nothing will change its a cycle that's going to be repeated endlessly. I own all the next gen consoles and I play them all equally so far.
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