Who will win March? Big month ahead for PS4 and XOne, even bigger battle

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Halo 5 and Uncharted 4 are the true 'system sellers'.
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SacTown52 posted...
Is true that Metal gear will look better on the ps4 but casual gamers don't know this. FPS attract casuals which is why i think titanfall will help xbone out.

Any that casually follows gaming has heard that PS4 games look better than Xbox One games. You underestimate how quickly news travel with every one being online.
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Honestly, none of my friends knows what titanfall or what infamous is. Lol.

But I would have give it to infamous, because sony eventually gave out free infamous 1 n 2, so it more well known among the causals.

Plus single player games are more popular.

Single-player games are more popular? COD doesn`t sell insane numbers every year for its campaign.

Tons of ppl buy call of duty for its single player apparently.

Insane, i know.

I guess people just have bad taste in general.
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infamous will sell because of the people who know the other games and are familiar with the series and the game looks next-gen.

Titanfall will sell because of the high level of hype it has.

Im not interested in Titanfall too much but I know i want infamous, but i think Titanfall will sell more, once again because of the massive amount of hype.