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360 XBL is up, hopefully this followsOMGWYATT412/25 11:08PM
I found a way to get onto xbox live right now
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Ray55553512/25 11:03PM
Back upmr_phatso212/25 11:03PM
A multibillionaire company defeated by a couple of basement dwellers?!
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nikiniPCW2612/25 11:01PM
so i can get on live on my 360, but not my one. and looking at my friends listhelIy212/25 10:56PM
Its a dark day in xbox historyMjs903912/25 10:56PM
youtube can be used to connect to live!!!flamepelt112/25 10:55PM
Top 5 Xclusives.
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Nodrog771412/25 10:53PM
We should get some older Final Fantasy games on the marketplace
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ssj5goku20051412/25 10:46PM
So... "Lizard Squad" and bunch of failures...
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Light-Speed1212/25 10:44PM
Who else is a new Xbox One owner?SymbiSpade812/25 10:43PM
Times like this makes me wish I was a PC gamer.
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Eagle3461412/25 10:38PM
How to fix static on wireless xbox one headset?FranciscoGamer9312/25 10:32PM
I'm being harassed on Twitter because I was able to get on Xbox Live.Storrac312/25 10:10PM
POLL: What changes should Microsoft take with XboxOne? (Poll)
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Jx10102312/25 10:07PM
Chances this will be back up by morning?Game__Raider712/25 10:05PM
Thats it I'm done with this generation (Closed)
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IceHusky131212/25 10:05PM
Jesus H Christ, what if...Eagle346412/25 10:04PM
EA Sports UFC - Bruce Lee Bundle free!Top_Secretz_808812/25 10:01PM
said xbox one was fixed on 45 mins ago I look again and its down.Andronicus871012/25 9:59PM