I'm so angry at Kojima

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1 year ago#31
Laylow12 posted...
RaRitsujun posted...
Muryo posted...
Why aren't you angry at MS for giving you an overpriced, weak, paywall-ed console?




1 year ago#32
Muryo posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

Why was this moderated? Weak. Real weak. It's a perfectly sound opinion to have.
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1 year ago#33
RaRitsujun posted...
Kojima says hello.

It really is nice when one has facts to instantly rebuke the flat out denials and lies of a defensive fan.
1 year ago#34
It's not Kojima's fault the XB1 is lacking in power...
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1 year ago#35
Not sure when Kojima became a wizard able to turn lead into gold. At some point, the "lazy dev" argument has to cease, they can only work with what they are given. If the X1 is the only version you have access to, then play it. Don't worry about what others have. Games are meant to be fun experiences.
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1 year ago#36
zinsindetta posted...
I could not even see a difference between Xbox One and PS4. Again just fanboys reaching because someone told them their is a difference.

Unless TC was being sarcastic, then I get it.

Reminds me of before FF 13 release, Square put up a video comparison and people were arguing about lighting and textures....came out that the video was exactly the same, just running off a PC. People see what they wanna see.
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1 year ago#37
Am I missing something? Everything looks fine to me. The only huge difference I see is the rendering of the sky on the PS4.
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1 year ago#38
lol If you pay attention even the PS3 version looks better than xbone. What else can I say..
1 year ago#39
All these replies and not a single "U MAD BRO?" I'm surprised.

Anyway, you guys need to stop making graphics such a big deal. I'm assuming most of you bought the X1 because of its exclusive features and games, right? ...right?
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1 year ago#40
MG was good back in PS2 days... who even cares about MG anymore? If you want to watch a movie go watch a real one.
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