you are the CEO of Microsoft your job is to save the Xbox how do you do it?

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krystyla posted...
ChA0TiCoNe posted...
I'd sell the Xbox division/brand to another company. Maybe Valve would be interested?

Lol chaoticnote got banned or what?

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Name one company who had the cash for the XBO division?

Apple lol I kid.
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Mindwipe77 posted...
save it from what? last i heard its doing well, just cant beat ps4 numbers

Then you heard wrong. Very wrong
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#13SaQu1BPosted 2/21/2014 6:49:00 AM
1. Get rid of Kinect + drop price (Shouldn't be bundled with system b/c some people dont' want it)
2. Get more exclusive franchise outside of Halo, Fable, Forza, etc
3. Get more Steam- like sales in XBL- really good deals
4. Stop the fake viral advertising crap.. it is just embarrassing.. X1 is too good for that kind of desperation
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Bring back DRM.
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Drop Kinect, make it white, 1TB, $399
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Jptremblay13 posted...
- Remove kinect

- Change hardware to be more powerfull

Stupid post, the xbox one is constrained by the units on the market, you cant just up the hardware and get better performance without bricking the existing systems.
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ExarOs posted...
Nothing, because the XBONE is already ahead of what the 360 did by this time and the 360 sold around 80 million units in the US. If you really think MS and the XBONE are in trouble then you forgot how bad the PS3 started off last gen.

Oh dear.
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Dashboard porn to attract ps4 players.
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i don't save it, i let it live up to the name and allow it to get bone'd
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