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Can you get rid of an owned Xbox movie?
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Do you think MS will give us a few free days for the outrage?
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TJ_UNLIMTED1912/27 3:27PM
Can you earn achievements when Live is down?ben10pokemon79912/27 3:01PM
I love playing remastered games.
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teh Fro Man2512/27 2:52PM
Live down again? AGAIN!?
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Halflifer6661512/27 2:46PM
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Hacker war! Anonymous declares war on Lizard Squad for XBL and PSN attacks.
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BushidoEffect310012/27 1:54PM
Do you use 1 or 2 fingers for both triggers? (Poll)
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velvet_hammer1512/27 1:54PM
Lets be honest: Xbox one is the worst generation of consoles since before NES.
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superh6212/27 1:52PM
Telltale Collection?????TwistedRemix912/27 1:49PM