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The Witcher 3 (Poll)
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The Gears Hype just got Real!
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So new rumor... Xbox lost marketing rights to COD BLOPS3
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Mortal Kombat X Digital Foundry comparison
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I wish xbox 360 games bought through the store worked on the xbox onemetal0134/19 3:37PM
How come there isn't a page for Elite: DangerousSupernautus44/19 3:36PM
xbox one owners if u care about frames per second.
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Looking for a 4th for gta heistchitto41214/19 1:39PM
Friends List Down Again! (Closed)MKabuterimon64/19 1:23PM
It would have been cool to see Halo 5 and Uncharted 4 duke it out in 2015.
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Best online coop ?
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Zombie Army Trilogy is GREATdasb00tj74/19 12:57PM
Do you still have the warning sticker on your console? (Poll)smak5260754/19 12:05PM
Would you buy a remake of MOH allied assault?
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