Is boycotting titles because of your system's hardware limits a good idea?

#11SoulTrapperPosted 2/22/2014 4:15:53 PM
GladiatorDanger posted...

Thing is unless they somehow make the kinect more resource efficient they are always going to have to make allowances for it even when disconnected as the system is designed to allow the player to play games with kinect services running in the background.

Of course they could release an update that allows for increased performance when the kinect is disconnected but then this would really damage the kinect's image and their credibility,

"Kinect integration makes Xbox One the number one choice for gaming, however to get the most out of your games you need to disconnect it first."

That's true, it would be rather embarrassing to admit that they forced people to buy an accessory that made it so that it hurts the consoles performance when playing video games, even though that is what happened.