Is this a xbox board or resoution board?

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krystyla posted...
Don't know there are 13 topics I am currently ignoring on page one after ignoring all the trolls no one apparently seems to care about resolution suddenly

You missed the topics point. The point is why do people care so much? When I game as I just was playing Battlefield, FIfa, and Rayman..I was not like gosh this resolution is just crappy. Furthermore, while being the computer guy I am I can admit the power the PS4 has hardware wise is better than xbox it will not be noticed by me. Why?

I will never have my PS4 and my Xbox running the exact same game right next to one another. If I am enjoying my game..I will not care about the graphics. Look at Dead Rising 3, not the best graphics in the world, but entertaining for me.

Lastly, I rely more on what my software can do than what my hardware specs can say they can do. Think about this one for a second. More often than not it is the software that is limited. Case and point..look at the first games for 360 or ps3. Look at current games. Notice a difference? Software was limited..not the hardware limiting the software. Obviously, there is a break even point eventually..but I can safely say developers have not come close to that yet on either console.

Perhaps when a price drop occurs this board will go back to more about xbox topics and less of AVSforum. Sigh..