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Is the Master Chief Collection deal still going at the Microsoft Store?
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Melon_Master1110/24 12:42PM
lol @ people who keep saying tomb raiders a timed exclusive.
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supermegablox6310/24 12:38PM
Want to try out the new Titan Fall modes, anyone have an extra Xbox Live trial?s0ySauced510/24 12:36PM
So you cant accsess achievements when your offline, can you still earn them?Neghvar91610/24 12:25PM
I prefer the games on X1 over PS4 because of the exclusives
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TreGooda1410/24 12:20PM
The Xbox One vs PS4 console wars are over; Wii U wins
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quincy2000a2910/24 12:19PM
New Xbox one IP that will "Push the Boundaries"
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TOhasNoRing1510/24 11:44AM
Quantum Break Amazing graphics
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LEGEND_7251910/24 11:35AM
Mic issuespwolf3510/24 11:21AM
So I've got the itch to buy an Xbox One.
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Shy4202210/24 11:08AM
Smartglass is better then I thought...Afro_Puff_510/24 11:06AM
When will we get a Bloodbourne ish type game?
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xtacb1710/24 10:57AM
any flight sims in development?dasboos110/24 10:56AM
christ why is it so hard to actually BUY this system?
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themothman4211510/24 10:29AM
Help adding a credit card to Japanese account?mcnichoj710/24 9:48AM
R.T. Interactive Launch Trailer for Xbox OneTOhasNoRing110/24 9:42AM
Xbox One failing harddrivesspemsha410/24 9:38AM
Everyone with an XB1 or PS4 should get Shadow Warriors!
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Rome2182910/24 9:12AM
I hope Sunset Overdrive isn't another "State of Emergency"SyxxPakk61010/24 9:03AM
Alien Isolation or Evil Within (Poll)
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VikingHipster2910/24 8:57AM