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Grand Theft Auto 5's graphical downgrade is a bug, will be fixed in patchquincy2000a13/27 3:35AM
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Rainbow Six Siege out October 16, according to Gamestop. Official cover unveiled
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TOhasNoRing303/27 2:16AM
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Post your BF HL kd ratio here.
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JohnWall321303/27 12:05AM
Part two of the April update is now in preview.
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Pizzatarian153/26 10:28PM
Fast 7 in a few hours.AltiarLio63/26 10:25PM
I shouldn't have chosen a PS4 for these reasons.
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shotgunheadshot183/26 10:13PM
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voice messaging is cross platform.lostsniper18743/26 9:31PM
Give me a reason to buy MK X dlc...
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DMoney3Six283/26 9:00PM
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quick question about digital bundled games (such as AC Unity)oxenpoxen23/26 7:53PM
Score! Xbox One, Kinect, Forza 5, etc for $355!
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GuitarJozz203/26 7:50PM
Is Sling TV good?CreepyPRV103/26 7:49PM
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