Xbox One Hard Drive Problems and Solution

#1AngryAngeloPosted 2/23/2014 12:23:39 PM
Ok. i've gone over the schematics of the Xbox One a long time ago, and i've come to a conclusion that the fine folks at Microsoft are way,way behind on their hard drive game. I mean a 500 GB hard drive that can't be replaced, much less updated, and don't get me started on the so-called hard drive expansion thing (personally,what a joke!) If i would make a suggestion tot the folks at Microsoft's Xbox division, i would make a suggestion of looking at the current state of hard drives for the Xbox One and purpose to make and install a internal 3TB hard drive for the Xbox One. Imagine having that much space for music, movies, TV, apps and of course games(i haven't forgotten what it was built for, somehow microsoft has). So with that said; should we tell Microsoft to update their hard drive to 3TB, or should we all just leave it the way it is and shell out $100's of dollars for a hard drive expansion?
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