So, I just beat Ryse and

#1LandfillAOPosted 2/23/2014 11:34:55 PM
I really think this game didn't get a fair shake. As somebody who was hyped for this game 3 years ago when it was still Codename Kingdoms I was swayed by the reviews and decided not to buy it.

After borrowing it and playing through the campaign, no way this game deserves a 60 on metacritic. I'd say a 75 imo. Not the greatest game, but seriously underrated.

Was it repetitive? No question. Lacking depth? yes. But so are a lot of games. And a lot of games get passes for mediocre gameplay when they have a decent story, amazing setting, great cinematic presentation and stellar voice acting/performance capture and I feel like this game had all of those and got none of the credit

And even the gameplay was not bad. Just lacked depth and a lot of QTEs. The game went through so many different phases. Being a FP melee game, kinect game, then finally what it is now. If they had made up their mind it'd have had much better gameplay I presume.

I can see why some didn't like it from a gameplay perspective but I feel like this was a solid game that was overall well made.
#2crynryanPosted 2/23/2014 11:58:59 PM
It was pretty solid and well made, just for me the story wasn't really anything. With it all being flashbacks and whatever happened to Marius that made him that god or something had me skipping most scenes by the end of it.
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