Kinect appreciation thread

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Holly batman, some xbone owners are so sensitive lol.

'No criticisms for the xbone ok?', 'no you don't own the console, even thou I don't really know if you own the console or not, but no criticisms.'


Or if you have a complaint then actually say why. Saying it sucks or it doesn't work or whatever without any reasoning is pretty much a waste of a post.

Doesn't matter what console we are talking about. I just made a kinect appreciation topic, yet I'd LOVE to get a ps4 and I think it's a great console too.

exactly the point I was making, don't just come in here and say it sucks say why it does and list the problems you are having with it. like that one poster said where he said he was black, I doubt that's whats wrong with it because MS upgraded the kinect's IR camera the thing see's me with no problems in a pitch black room, I'd suggest a change of clothes as to that poster might be wearing some clothing that might be absorbing the IR signal the kinect is sending out.
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