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If halo was ported on to the playstation would there be a reason to get an xbox?
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LightningAce11249/14 3:23AM
Which big name celeb would you like to see star in next Elder Scrolls/Fallout?
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XBroseph179/14 2:40AM
People hate on Call of Duty, but it still offers you better value than Destiny.
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LEGEND_725179/14 2:35AM
Is Microsoft working on a way to delete game installs without deleting patches?
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Hucast9129/14 2:27AM
where's the destiny reviews
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StealthedGhost639/14 12:36AM
Very proud to say that I'm not buying Destiny tomorrow until I see reviews.
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StealthedGhost699/14 12:34AM
EA Access Question
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Fraggernaut139/14 12:03AM
Over hyped Games always get low ratings. Destiny + Titanfall
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CheIseaGrin369/13 11:54PM
I've Owned This Stupid Console Since May...Still No Games Worth Buying (Closed)
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SiriusSternFan289/13 11:52PM
How is the Official XBOX ONE Stereo headset?SPACEHAWKS79/13 11:48PM
Elder Scrolls 6: Argoniashotyme59/13 11:39PM
Destiny beta hurt the final game.popping4it69/13 11:24PM
I don't know if many people know this, but Twitch streaming is super easy to useCows Go Hisssss29/13 11:03PM
Can someone help me out (not a topic asking for free codes)todo071489/13 10:55PM
FaceoffDieinafire119/13 10:46PM
MKV Playbackzeroknivez29/13 10:37PM
I was kind of shocked while checking out my local Gamestop todayThat_Damn_Kid79/13 10:02PM
my xbox1 on its way to microsoft to fix faulty disc drivecubacubaking29/13 9:59PM
Master Destiny Cry Thread: Everyone cry about Destiny in just one place.Road_Kill_666109/13 9:57PM
How much money have you put into this gen so far?That_Damn_Kid99/13 9:43PM