Microsoft is trying to help the SSM dev. That were let go

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Not surprised, They lost Bungie last year they probably can't afford them any longer so now Microsoft is hiring cheapstakes.

WTH is a cheapstake?

Dollar store vampire slaying department.
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Good on MS for this
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Rofl @ trying to help.
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Microsoft sifting through Sony's left over garbage for even the stringiest piece of sinew off a rotten old bone?

This boy is pretty damn funny!!! Good show!

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Just showing you how silly it is to go claiming "ALT" every chance you get.

Are you actually trying to convince me? Or the mods?

I know the mods are easily fooled/powerless to do anything... but I'm just wondering if you are honestly trying to convince me at this point? Or are you still hamming it up for your audience, those that don't know better?

That's not you? One of your 30 to 50 alt accounts that were banned over the past months since E3?

Weird. Sounds exactly like you, right down to the exact job description and your inane rants against any piece of plastic that isn't Sony.

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kcypher2000 said it best
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Sony pulling out of hardware, going 3rd party and killing off studios.

Could this be another ploy to sell SSM former HQ to pay the bills again.
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