You Can Only Play the Three Hottest 2014 Games on Xbox One

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PS4 is the only place you can play the three hottest games of 2014

Infamous SS
Watch Dogs

works both ways I guess

As a PS4 owner I'll happily admit that only a madman thinks Second Son is a hotter ticket than Titanfall.

Why? Titan Fall looks great and I do want to play it but it also looks like it can get very repetitive very fast. It's why I've never been into FPS's online. Even BF4 (the whole reason I adopted early) got boring to me after two months. I was more excited to play BF4 than I am to play Titan Fall and it's not even close. I still play it but barely. Once you reach the max progression system there is literally nothing else to do but keep doing the same thing over and over.

This is why I almost always enjoy MMO's more because the gameplay varies as you get higher levels and it's harder and takes longer to reach the max level.

Infamous might get boring to me to but it's supposed to have a good story which I always love and is actually the #1 thing I look for in games. I just love a game that has a great story to it, always have.
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