Day Z coming to X1 - Dean Hall excited about future of X1

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Big fan of day z. Love to have it on the X1
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Reece504 posted...
With the main guy leaving I don't think it will ever get finished sad to say. I also recall him saying it's a flawed game and it always was and that he is not a long term developer. After it hits beta I bet they'll just release it as is or it'll probably stay in beta and never get finished at this rate.

Have you noticed that these "developers" who jump from place to place all the time never really finish anything and are just full of hot air and empty promises?

Add Dean Hall to that list.

They suckered me out of $30 with the DayZ Alpha. I'll know better next time. I expected the Alpha to be a rought version of the game - but I also expected the game to be finished in a timely manner. This crook apparently took his piece of the profits and skated back to New Zealand. If I knew this was his plan, I NEVER would have bought the Alpha.


Nice pic there of Dean on a mountain climbing holiday furnished with some of my money. And not working on what myself and many others paid him for.
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