MS Hiring ex-Sony Santa Monica staff for even more xbox1 exclusives

#71unreal_jaxPosted 3/4/2014 2:33:29 AM
Anyone got a better link saying they were actually hired? The one from tc says MS want to hire any additional talent and are reaching out to them. The same way everyone reached out to the Bioshock people...
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you are stupid.
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Interesting. In John Carpenters The Thing. The Thing would kill you by absorbing you and become you, only better.

This is exactly the same situation.
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AmazingDany posted...
That's not illegal professional poaching, is it?

Why would it be?
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Cosmic_Diabetic posted...
Lawboy2 posted...
Cosmic_Diabetic posted...
do you think that one chick that left 343i and went to santa monica was one of them? that would be awkward coming back...

She didn't go to SSM she went to naughty dog

but still that would be pretty comical if that happened...

Not really. Companies usually don't hold grudges if you leave. They throw a send away party and people get sad it's not all fish eats fish in the real world.
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