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2 years ago#1
So if you uninstall a game, is the download still there?

for example downloaded the lego super heroes demo, played it, uninstalled, but now its sitting there greyed out but ready to install....

is the download data still there and can be removed?

2 years ago#2
It can be removed. Just highlight the game and hit start. You should see an option to uninstall.
2 years ago#3
Data is no longer on your box. The greyed out box with "Ready to Install" just means that the title is associated to your account, so you can redownload it at any time.

Having "Ready to Install" for past digital purchases makes sense, since it lets you remember what you bought but have deleted from your box without having to go dig through the store to find it again. However, I hope there is an option in the future to remove demos from that list, since I feel it may clutter up the other items.
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