TYT video about webcams(kinect) being spied on by the government

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Oh hey, I can say they're not spying on us and I have just as much evidence and credibility as that guy!

I can't wait to read more testimonials from people that got screwed!

Keep sippin that Microsoft Kool Aid DevilChicken.

How did the get screw? Tell us a story about your friend who has a friend who knows someone who blah blah blah
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IMO if there was concrete evidence that they were spying on Kinect we'd have seen it by now. When did these leaks start, like 10 months ago?

Yeah, why couldn't Snowden reveal any information about products not yet out in the market that were being spied on? Where did all of his super powers go? Why couldn't he see into the future? If you can't disprove that, then you're a terrorist!
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