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User Info: Pontificus32390

3 years ago#11
Troll_Directory posted...
some of the things we've all had to do over the decades to make our games play on consoles is quite ridiculous. i don't think occasionally rebooting at the beginning of a new generation, is all that unusual considering just how complex the hardware and software is. certainly less bizarre than pulling out a nintendo cartridge several times to blow "dust?" out of it, or turning your ps1 upside down to get the disc-reading laser to fall back in place, or wrapping a towel around your 360.

ahh, the good ol' days.
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User Info: bob15x

3 years ago#12
thisispurecrap posted...
I've noticed some topics in various forums about games not loading or being glitchy, and read someone suggest to do a 'cold reboot'

I'm loving my xbox one so far but I feel that you shouldn't have to do a cold reboot on a console, this is supposed to be a user friendly electronic, where the casual gamer wants to insert a disk and play a game in between his job and his other responsibilities. The more tech-savvy users pimp out their gaming pc and know what a cold reboot is and why it is needed, other people should not have to find out how to go around the Xbox's misdemeanors.

I think that is why more people buy Sony's Play Station, the brand is generally known for good quality products while my xbox is having a hiccup every month.

Sony known for good quality? They have yet to make a console or hand held without issues at launch.

Only company with real quality in the console is nintendo

User Info: thisispurecrap

3 years ago#13
They sell various electronics not just gaming devices, and as far as I've heard they have a good reputation.
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