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2 years ago#1
I don't care about being able to use a mic or not just looking for a surround sound headset. Anyone have any suggestions for something that will work with the XB1?
2 years ago#2
There are two coming out.

The Polk Audio headsets were designed in a collaboration between game designers and sound engineers. I'm planning on getting them. They both release March 6th.
2 years ago#3
Ahh so the polk audio ones arent surround?
2 years ago#4
shocker2000 posted...
Ahh so the polk audio ones arent surround?

I'm pretty sure they are. At that price, they better be. I'm going to make sure before I buy them. I don't know how they can claim to offer the best and most authentic sound experience and not be surround. They don't make it very clear though.

**EDIT Just found this. "Onboard Dolby Digital and Polk's patented SDA Surround Sound Technology." This is what they say about it on their website.

**EDIT 2 Nevermind. That's talking about some soundbar on the same page. Now I'm wondering.
2 years ago#5
Ya, thats what has me concerned. No where have I seen anything about DD. With that being said I dont know how big of a difference a headset with DD would be over a well engineered set....
2 years ago#6
Pretty sure nobody was able to actually use the terms surround sound in their headphone specs until Ms actually sent out the update to allow it via Dobly. Since that is what they all use. All the Turtle Beach headsets on Amazon for XB1 didn't actually mention 5.1 etc.. when they normally do.

Update fixes this problem..
2 years ago#7
Pretty sure the Polk ones are simulated surround (which is all the turtle beach ones are as well). From the Polk website:

The 4 Shot Headset turns your games from boring 2-dimensional TV dramas into a roller coaster of thrilling, all-encompassing 3-dimensional effects. This is the kind of audio performance you expect from Polk, keeping you one step ahead of the competition. Quit reading and start playing!
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