Microsoft Responds To Spying Allegations Involving Xbox Kinect

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Do you really give a ****? Stop jumping on bs that only ponys seem to care about. You do realise the ps cam poses the same exact problems yes?
Remember you can always dis-kinect! (credit goes to someone else lol.)

That doesn't make the topic of government agencies accessing data through a gaming console camera that is looking at you and your family in your home any less relevant.
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lmao what else did you expect them to say...yeah we're down with that ish..please buy our product



I'd also like to point out to those who claim phones and other devices are being used for the same thing, the gov actually has to go thru laws to get access to them, Unlike here where they're working hand in hand.
HUGE difference.
Also the gov has the power to demand any and all information from any company if they so wish, although MS has been known to make it rather readily available for them faster than others.
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