Since when did people start caring about

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Considering Gold was always a borderline scam, the least MS could do is make it have the same value as it's competition.

ehhhh depends on what you consider a scam because paying to USE THEIR servers isn't a scam its the same as paying to watch netflix's movies....although with that being brought up i do find some of the silver restrictions a bit dumb like not being able to use netflix and stuff but then I think to myself why do I have an xbox if i'm not going to be playing games i can watch netflix on EVERY other device in my house heck my tv has netflix built in

The problem was (for at least the 360) it was mostly Peer to Peer servers iirc. While I don't know the current break up, EA provides Bf4 servers don't they, and yet you still need to pay MS. It's just stupid and I stopped paying for it ages ago (I usually just play online on my PC at this point, which through some witchcraft manages to have a good amount of dedicated servers and be free)

We don't like your kind round here PC gamer.

In all honesty live is overpriced, but if you want a good online experience on a CONSOLE it costs what is costs.
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