For $40.00 Ryse or Plants Vs Zombies

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User Info: Troll_Directory

3 years ago#11
Doukou posted...
I like Ryse more but get PvZ now for the community.
i wonder if they will abandon pvz in the next couple weeks. i remember the community would move en masse from one online game to the next in the early years of the 360, rarely looking back.

User Info: Homie_202

3 years ago#12
I would agree with plants vs zombies.

User Info: maoriwarrior

3 years ago#13
gohoanq posted...
Definitely PvZ lol
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User Info: Evel138

3 years ago#14
I don't know anything about Ryse, but PvZ has been worth every penny to me.
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User Info: hak145

3 years ago#15
Neither. Wait for and get MGS ground zero.
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