Xbox One March update adds Dolby Digital optical audio support

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DarkHoles.. you really should stop. TC isn't doing anything wrong, he isn't trolling, he isn't shilling, he isn't acting like a obnoxious fanboy. He is just posting an article about a xbo update. Your comments are unneeded and unnecessary. You are making yourself, and non xbox fans look bad. Please, just stop.

Both he and Ilikegamesman are xbox fanboys thou, they just completely lost it and doing stealth trolling (without the stealth part) no matter who posts what. It could be funny if we don't have enough clowns on this board, but instead we get to watch two trolls in complete melt down mode lol.

I see.. making the "sony ponys" look worse by trolling their own board. Clever.. in a INCREDIBLY sad, not at all clever kind of way.

Just watch them being 'cute' in all of the threads, it's hilarious, gotta give them a 10 for effort lol.
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Go home xbot

To some (including myself) this is very welcome news and should be disseminated. Stop being so childish and immature - grow up!!