Is Ryse this generation's Kabuki Warriors?

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2 years ago#12
Could I nominate NFS rivals, 6 players online this and last gen, nice next gen launch ryse was good imo.
2 years ago#13
Ryse was an excellent launch title.
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2 years ago#14
Ryse and Knack have 2 things in common.
Both got pretty bad reviews but the people who actually play them seem to like them.
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2 years ago#15
DarkHoles posted...
TullyBlanchard posted...
Worst launch game candidate?

Lol play it and make up your own mind, you sheep cross pony.

You sure like throwing the word pony around. Says a lot about you.
PSN/GT - Hennaboy
2 years ago#16
Ryse is pretty damn good. Repetitive, but very satisfying combat. It also doesn't hurt that it is graphically the most impressive of the bunch.

Of the 8 retail launch games I bought Killzone was by far my least favorite and the only one I regretted buying.
2 years ago#17
I enjoyed Ryse despite its simplicity. It's a well made and well polished game.
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