How many games are in development for the Xbone?

#51crucialPosted 3/9/2014 12:08:49 PM
100 games in 2014?lol if its true most of those games will be garbage or last gen ports,everyone know's with new consoles it takes time to make a good next gen game,I know at least 40 indie games will make it to PS4 by years end so that will be most of those games released this year.

Last number I heard about X1 will have around 65 games by years end total not including indies or arcade games so if you add those it would be around a 100 or so.

I got both consoles so I could really careless about how many games one console is getting as long as there good which most will not be,but TF,Infamous,Order and QB will keep me busy for the year with other titles like Witcher 3,Destiny and Division.

99%of indie games are pure crap guys,no need to hype them up fanboys,no one buys consoles for indie games.