Does it actually bother you that the Xbox One is selling less than Ps4?

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2 years ago#11
I'm shocked people actually voted Yes, but it was expected.
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2 years ago#12
In a two horse race, forget the Wii U, one console has to outsell the other. This shouldn't bother people.

If your console of choice sells terribly, has a tiny install base and third party devs give up on you, then you should be bothered.

I can't see that happening in this case, though.
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2 years ago#13
No, it sold plenty to stay here through this gen and I don't work for Microsoft or Sony so my job isn't on the line.
2 years ago#14
I own both consoles...
2 years ago#15
Since the ps4 is available in many more markets I would expect it to sell more overall. And who cares, by the end of this generation most of us will own both systems. I'm biting when The Order comes out.
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2 years ago#16
DarkHoles posted...
Lol anyone who said yes is either 10years old or a pony.

Why would a pony be bothered by this? I think they would be happy.
2 years ago#17
It's inevitable.
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2 years ago#18

No, I call it "Marketing Justice". M$ had lots of BAD ideas. People have voted with their dollars, which is how it should be.

I have the move camera and controllers. Those are used like. .00001 percent of the time that ps3 is on. Why would I be forced to buy a movement controller for an extra 100 bucks, when I never used my old one.

I would like to push the xbox CIO into a time machine now, and let him pop out like 5 years back, and maybe he could correct all this bad press.

There is ground to make up. With great games, they get win many people back. thank you.
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2 years ago#19
Nope. If I wanted a ps4 or a wii U I would go buy one. Sales don't bother me one bit. I wouldn't even know about the sales figures if they weren't posted on here constantly.
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2 years ago#20
Do I get any of the sales money? Then why would I care, I'm not a 12yr old nerd worried about sales so I can act cool on a video game forum.
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kcypher2000 said it best
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