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#1ShELbY_GT500Posted 3/3/2014 5:12:50 AM
When you want your Xbox to record something and you say "Xbox record that" it's supposed to record from the time you asked to the last 30 seconds. For some reason tonight I asked it to record something and when I went to check the playback it had recorded the wrong part. Basically I wanted to record the end winning kill in a CoD match but instead of giving the last 30 seconds from the end it actually gave me 30 seconds about 10 seconds from the end. Anyone know why it decided to not record the part that I asked it to?
#2suicide machinePosted 3/3/2014 6:46:56 AM
yea, it happens sometimes. sometimes there's a delay before it happens. sometimes, the best thing to do is go "xbox go to game dvr" then select it to record the last 30 sec, 1 min, 3 mins, or 5 mins.
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#3ShELbY_GT500(Topic Creator)Posted 3/3/2014 5:40:50 PM
Thanks for your help suicide machine
#4gohoanqPosted 3/3/2014 6:20:08 PM
To make it even simpler you can just snap the dvr during your game so it's even faster than actually waiting for the upload studio to start with the game in the background lol
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