X1 controller kills the ps4's.

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Still like 360 controller the best. X1 controller went backwards for me.

Only because the Gamecube is the best controller of all time.

Fixed that for you.
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The Xbox One controller with its asymmetrical analogs looks like the love child of the DS4 and Wii U pro controller. Lol
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My Xbox controller is friends with my PS4 controller. No murder in my household.
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360>>>>>DS4 >>Xbone >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DS3.


Proof that M$ is slowly bringing back DRM for the XBone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CfNarCjSHM
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I have to admit.. this is a troll topic. DS4 is far better. 360 > X1 controller. I have no idea how microsoft screwed up so badly.

Saying that the xbox one controller is superior on the xbox one board is trolling how? If you sony ponies would stay on your board or play your games (oh that's right you dont have any) then you wouldnt even see this topic if tc posted this on the PS4 board then THAT would be trolling
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I like the DS4 because of the touch pad. More button options imo is always better. We are at the mercy of the devs to bring out the potential though.
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The best controller ever made so far has been the xbox 360 controller

And that has a very lame D-pad.
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PS4 controller doesn't give me blisters like the Xbox One does.
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and they say the mods are against anything pro xbox. my controller topic got modded in a heartbeat and the excuse was off topic.(im not pissed i knew it was going to happen when i made it)
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