can Microsoft sell a million Xbox ones this month?

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I don't understand why this topic continued after VG was shown to be the source for the information.

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blingus posted...

Mark my words, metacritic score in low 70's.

watch it get like a 76 and everyone will be all like "Blingus didn't know what he was talking about!!"
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It has around 3 million pre orders overall and its expected to sell around 7 million in the first 3 months,the million dollar question is how many of those pre orders are on X1,will find out.
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Uphill battle..lmfao I love this crap that sony boys spout, last time i checked both consoles are outselling any other console in history yet xbox one magically only sold 100 in a sony boys eyes

No. Both consoles had the biggest launch in history, well the PS4 anyway. The Xbones drop in sales during January was worse than the 360 and PS3. It's already down to Wii U levels and it's only 3 months old whereas the Wii U is a year old. He'll it's being outsold by the PS3, that is simply unacceptable for a console that launched 3 months ago.

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I'm not worried about Sony, Xbox gets better exclusive just like last gen, as for thw 1 million Titanfall on the 11th the best next gen game out there so far should be close
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Kupo_Mog_Kupo posted...
They obviously aren't going to get a million for the month but their average also isn't 44k a month. I mean January was their lowest month and they sold nearly 150k for the month in the US.

February numbers are worse than January. Heck, most of the XBone sales are in the US, so that NPD number of 150k a month works out to about 38k a week for the US.

Weekly worldwide sales were about:

XB1 ( Wii U) [ PS3] =(Last day of reported week)
160k ( 120k) [ 190k] =(Jan 4)
90k ( 50k) [ 90k] =(Jan 11)
70k ( 40k) [ 70k] =(Jan 18)
65k ( 40k) [ 70k] =(Jan 25)
70k ( 40k) [ 70k] =(Feb 1)
55k ( 40k) [ 60k] =(Feb 8)
50k ( 42k) [ 65k] =(Feb 15)
60k ( 45K) [ 65k] =(Feb 22)

In summary, generally lower than the PS3 and almost as bad as the Wii U.
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Microsoft is definitely fighting an uphill battle with Sony and the PlayStation 4 pre-orders for this week are in Titan fallis in first place with over 50,000 this week alone. very close to the 400,000 mark in total. and that's just America

if they can sell a million consoles we would still be behind Sony but would be very close to the five million mark and that's good for everybody especially third party and Microsoft

and why do I bring all this up about third party and five million because dammit I want Mass Effect trilogy lol

You are also forgetting though that the PS4 has a bundle coming out that has been destroying the Titanfall bundle in sales.
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oldhbk76 posted...
I'm not worried about Sony, Xbox gets better exclusive just like last gen, as for thw 1 million Titanfall on the 11th the best next gen game out there so far should be close

No just no. They didn't release a single new ip for almost 4 years. The last one being Alan wake and then the launch title of ryse was the next new ip. They appear to be wanting to get into the same groove of just release tired old sequels what with them making black tusk scrap a new IP to make gears (a tired old franchise). Try again buddy.