Microsoft Xbox One Is The Best Console I've Owned, Ever@!

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"Microsoft Xbox One Is The Only Console I've Owned, Ever@!"
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Da best!
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Is this a commercial thread?
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Xbox 1 is a great system so far because of the software and controller. I wouldn't say the best console ever, that is still the 360 for me. There are things you can do on 360 you can't on xb1, and it has a large library.

Regardless, I still play my xb1 daily and my 360 is only when I want to talk to someone who doesn't have an xbox one. Even when I happily got the SNES, I went back to play the NES.

I think the reason I have been able to stay on xb1 so long is that so many of their games offer an on-line, and I have a lot of people on my friends list with an xbox one. I am surprised how many converted so soon. Getting 6 people for Titanfall is never a problem. Getting a friend to help with Dead Rising 3 or Ryse isn't either. I even have a friend just for NBA 2k14's The Park.

I think MS makes a console with people who are more social and prefer on-line gaming to go along with their single player games. I do not understand why Sony fans are so obsessed with a console they won't own. It's video games, which are supposed to be fun.
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xbox won
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I love this.
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Even after my post, no one has any idea what sarcasm is. Seriously. That was the most blatant sarcasm I've ever seen on the internet. The @ symbol in the title just confirms it's sarcasm. The only thing to make it more obvious would have been for him to put 1s in between a bunch of exclamation marks.
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Spetsnaz420 posted...
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Is anybody else having issues quoting? It keeps saying I'm trying to post the British word for vagina whenever I quote someone even though it's nowhere in the post.

Anyway in response to the guy saying Xbox One has everything the N64 had it doesn't have Legend of Zelda.

A British word for genitalia... To be fair almost half the language has an alternative related to genitals.

They also call potato chips "crisps"

And americans also butchered the english language.Mum/Mom. capital/capitol near every word is the same as the actual english words,but spelled differently all because americans wanna do things differently.I could go on but it's way way too much.
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