Phil Spencer promotes Cloud more! Promises "Impressive demo"- running code.

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BushidoEffect3 posted...
I'm scared this term may be the new "Blast Processing" from Sega genesis or "Emotion Engine" from the PS2 marketing..

And using your alt to further your own topic? Tsk tsk
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You're creepy for stalking me. Obsessed much. Get over yourself lol.

Ben_Jealous posted...

due to internet? Sucks.
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I don't know how the Cloud could boost "graphics" except for maybe lighting and physics in certain applications.

But I can imagine a lot of scenarios where the cloud could greatly improve CPU intensive routines like AI or randomly generated things.
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Jedi454 posted...
That sounds interesting, we'll all be keeping on eye on it. I want to see what the Cloud's actual functions are and what potential it has.

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RaRitsujun posted...
The power of teh MS clOuDz is awesome!

Are you kidding me? Do people actually believe this crap?