Titanfall preorder sales over 3.5 million! 7 million sales in 3 months expected!

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No where near Call of Duty pre-orders. That's honestly not that great for as much hype as this game has drawn out of the media. 3.5 million would be impressive if it was on one platform (Halo had that many pre-orders for example). Those are good numbers without a doubt, but it's fairly obvious that sales aren't meeting the hype. So basically, it's expected that this will sell a little worse than Halo 4 and a little better than Uncharted 3? Definitely not what Respawn was hoping for.
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3.5 million pre orders?

Someone posted titanfall pre order numbers a few weeks ago and it said the xbone version had around 300,000, somebody is wrong

I think they meant overall...but even then doesn't seem to add up to that many.

For pre-orders thats a lot!

The 3.5 million number is speculation by Pachter, there is no evidence for any number so far.

Unless EA comes out and states the amount of pre-orders, speculation is all anyone's got.

My guess would be around 2 million, on both consoles combined. Another.250- 500K on PC.
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Have people seriously not tagged on yet that the reason the 360 version is getting no media attention is because they are trying to push the XBO version to try and sell these consoles they can't sell quick enough?

A lot of people have figured that out actually. Comparisons are coming and the big one I am curious about is frame rate difference between 360 and One. The game looks great but it doesn't look like something that can't be done on the 360 sans maybe lower resolution. We will know in less than a month what is what.
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Yes, MS, a company that has put serious thought into selling the Xbox brand for it losing them money, is going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for Titanfall. Sure.
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I'm not sure why people think one damn game will save a console...hmmmm
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I'm not sure why people think one damn game will save a console...hmmmm

save it from what? they have sold a ton of consoles
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At the end of the day, this game is going to rock =) All the Sony Camp crying about it, are just furious they don't get to play in on any of their console of choice.

So now the Sony Camp don't own PC's either?
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