so confused what console to get :/

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2 years ago#41
CaIiber345 posted...
SaltyBotz posted...
If you're more concerned about games, get an Xbox One. If you want a multimedia device, get a PS4.

Surely you can't be serious. I mean, seriously. Really.

Ya I know the PS4 isn't a better mulitimedia device, you can't hook your cable up to it.

But for the ponies in the topic, IF you want a lot of good games RIGHT NOW get a XBONE, if you want indie games and the first good exclusive coming out in 3 weeks followed by months for another good console exclusive, a PS4 maybe
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2 years ago#42
PominAus posted...
Crysiania posted...
If shooters are your fav games go xbox one.

Anything else go ps4.

PS4 has more shooters, so, yeah...

Oh wait are we basing this on launch period only? cause I was basing it on every past console.

Do people buy console's based on its launch lineup? clearly not because imo xbox one's is slightly better.
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2 years ago#43
Get the Xbox One if you want the worst looking and running multi's this gen...get the PS4 if you don't..pretty simple.
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2 years ago#44
Im on the fence trying to decide which console to get...currently ive got a Wii U which i do love but the reality is only 2-3 games a year worth buying. Last gen i was 90% 360, 8% PS3 and 2% Wii, primarily on 360 because the controller was so much better. Even though i prefer the ONE controller to the DS4, the whole future proofing of PS4 over ONE lately has been quite surprising that the lead is very one-sided. I would prefer XBOX to Playstation but this gen i just dont know.
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2 years ago#45
Op which ever console is stronger and has the best games Does not matter What matters is which one your friends are playing :)
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2 years ago#46
If you plan on playing with your friends get the system they have. Getting CoD DLC early shouldn't keep you from playing CoD with your friends.

If they don't play the multiplayer games that you plan on playing then it doesn't really matter either way. Get the one that has the games you want to play.
2 years ago#47
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2 years ago#48
Buy both like a real person…...
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